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Clients are increasingly relying on their wealth advisors for information on their charitable planning options.  Most advisors have had some training in philanthropy, but can benefit from broader exposure to charitable strategies, their myriad uses and how to better communicate their merits to clients.  Lorraine del Prado has successfully collaborated with professional advisors over many years and has helped them incorporate charitable planning in their practice and advance the philanthropic goals of their clients. Del Prado Philanthropy (DP) can help wealth advisory firms by:

  • Training advisors in problem-solving applications of charitable strategies;
  • Helping them present these opportunities in compelling laymen’s terms;
  • Providing case planning assistance and charitable strategy illustrations; and
  • Presenting charitable planning seminars to clients.


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Sometimes a nonprofit’s negative experience with one professional advisor can taint its perception for the entire industry.  This is unfortunate as nonprofits can truly benefit from the products, services and expertise of wealth advisory firms and from effective collaborations with them.  Wealth advisory firms can also help expose nonprofit constituents to financial and estate planning issues and solutions and provide counsel and assistance in growing planned giving and endowment building programs.  DP can help wealth advisory firms that are interested in working with nonprofits by:

  • Counseling firms on how to build relationships with and collaborate with these organizations;
  • Orienting non-profit clients on what it takes to build endowment and planned giving programs and how professional advisors can be valuable partners in these endeavors;
  • Training nonprofit clients in planned giving strategies; and
  • Co-presenting charitable planning seminars to donors of non-profit clients.